Horner en Ricciardo over het telefoontje van Wolff

Christian HornerEerder berichten we over het feit dat Toto Wolff naar Jos Verstappen heeft gebeld.
Dit zijn de meningen van Christian Horner, team baas bij Red Bull Racing en Daniel Ricciardo.

Horner: “It’s totally wrong. They’ve got their own business. To be meddling in other teams… maybe he does that with Ferrari, but he shouldn’t do it. He’s got no right to tell Max how he should drive and conduct himself. Max is doing a great job in Formula 1 and he’s employed by us to do the best he can in the races. That’s not to wave a Mercedes through or not race it. I think Toto showed a certain naivety or arrogance to be calling a competitor team’s driver’s father.”

Ricciardo: “What’s different now to in Melbourne at the start of the year? We’re all racing and trying to maximise our position. If we don’t attack them or go for an opportunity, in a way we’re fixing the championship by not doing that. The championship should be an accumulation of all those races and whatever happens, happens.
If we’re talking about a race win and going for it, I’m not going to do a kamikaze and take us both out, but if I feel it’s a move I can make stick, I’m going to go for it. We’re there to race, and for us to all cruise around and just let the Mercedes drivers fight it out doesn’t make sense.”


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