Het volledige radioverkeer van Vettel, Verstappen en Ricciardo

Verstappen, Vettel & RicciardoDat het er in Mexico heftig aan toe ging is inmiddels wel bekend, Sebastian Vettel ging te keer over de boordradio en had daarbij genoeg te zeggen over Max Verstappen. Ook de boodschap van de Ferrari-coureur richting Charlie Whiting is veel mensen bij gebleven.

Hier lees je het volledige radioverkeer tussen Ferrari en Sebastian Vettel en Red Bull Racing richting Max Verstappen en Daniel Ricciardo.

L68 – RBR aan Verstappen: Ok, give the position. I think you’re going to have to give the position back, Max.

L68 – Verstappen: Let me know!

L68 – RBR aan Verstappen: Ok, stay there!


L68 – Vettel: He has to let me go, he has to let me go.

L68 – FER aan Vettel: Ok, copy. Stay calm!

L68 – Vettel: No, it’s not right. I don’t stay calm, cause he is blocking me into Ricciardo.

L68 – FER aan Vettel: Copy that.


L68 – FER aan Vettel: We’re on it with Charlie.

L68 – FER aan Vettel: Ok, Verstappen has to give you the position. Watch for Ricciardo behind!


L68 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Okay mate, so let’s keep it smooth. Take advantage when you can.


L69 – FER to Vettel: 3 laps to go.

L69 – Vettel: Move! Move, for fucks sake!

L69 – FER to Vettel: He has been informed. He has to move.

L69 – Vettel: He’s a bastard, that’s what he is.


L69 – RBR aan Verstappen: Alright mate, this is going to be investigated after the race, so keep your head down. 2 laps.


L69 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Ok, 2 laps to go. Battery is full. Let’s go!


L70 – Vettel: Am I the only one, or are you not seeing what I’m seeing? He’s just backing me off into Ricciardo. Fuck me.

L70 – FER aan Vettel: You have to fight with him. Charlie…

L70 – Vettel: What the hell are you talking about? He cut the chicane.

L70 – FER aan Vettel: Ok, copy.

L70 – Vettel: And now, he’s brake-testing me.

L70 – Vettel: I mean, honestly, I’m going to hit someone. I think I have a puncture. Rear left.


L70 – Ricciardo: That was fucked. He moved on braking. I had already committed. Fuck.

L70 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Ok, understood. Vettel may have a puncture.


L70 – FER aan Vettel: Tyres are fine. Tyres are fine.

L70 – FER aan Vettel: The car is fine, you can fight. The car is fine, you can fight.

L70 – Vettel: He has to give me the position, end of the story.

L70 – FER aan Vettel: Charlie said that… Charlie said…

L70 – Vettel: Yeah… you know what, here’s the message for Charlie: Fuck off! Honestly. Fuck off!

L70 – Arrivabene aan Vettel: Sebastian, Sebastian… calm down! They are under investigation. I know that it’s not fair. But calm down. Put your head down and we will talk afterwards.

L70 – Vettel: Ok, copy Maurizio.


L71 – RBR aan Verstappen: Ok Max, last lap. Gap to Sebastian 1,7 seconds.


L71 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Ok mate, this is the last lap now. Tyre pressures are fine. This is the last lap.

L71 – Ricciardo: I’ve got a massive vibration. How is the gap behind?

L71 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Yeah, understood. You’ve got a 30 seconds gap behind to Raikkonen. Keep up the pace in case Vettel gets a penalty. You’ve got no threat from behind. Try to keep within 5 seconds if possible.


L71 – FER aan Vettel: Ricciardo has lost pace behind. He’s 2,7 seconds behind. Try to stay as close as possible in case of 5 second penalty at the end. This is the last lap.

—– Chequered Flag

L71+1 – RBR aan Verstappen: Ah Max. What can I say, mate. Amazing job. Amazing job. Really well done.

L71+1 – Verstappen: That was hard.

L71+1 – RBR aan Verstappen: 59 laps on that set. Fantastic.

L71+1 – Horner aan Verstappen: Well done Maxie, that was a fantastic drive. No debate about turn 1. Ferrari were moaning about it, but you were well ahead and it was a lot less than Rosberg did at the beginning of the race. Great drive, you managed it well, and it was a great effort on Nico as well.

L71+1 – Verstappen: Yeah, thank you very much Christian. It was very hard the last 10 laps. But at the end I think it was still a very good result.

L71+1 – RBR aan Verstappen: Cool the car on the way in Max! And just a reminder: You will be stopping with Hamilton and Rosberg at Turn 13 in the stadium. Enjoy it!


L71+1 – FER aan Vettel: P4, P4… slow and cool your brakes!

L71+1 – Vettel: I think I showed enough. I mean, overtaking is not a walk in the park. So to me it is clear. That’s the last what I’m saying.

L71+1 – Arrivabene aan Vettel: Sebastian we understand, we talk afterwards and we are going to talk with FIA. You have done a great race, really. I am proud of you.

L71+1 – Vettel: Grazie ragazzi. The car was great, strategy worked well. Shame about yesterday because the pace was there to do more. Grazie.


L71+1 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Nice job on that mate.

L71+1 – Ricciardo: Yeah, but what about all these guys outbraking themselves at the first chicane? I mean Lewis at the start and Max the same. Put a fucking wall there and they won’t do it. That’s bullshit guys. Fucking kindergarten stuff.

L71+1 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Ok mate, understood. You did a very, very good job today. Pace was excellent. As I said, we are speaking to Charlie.

L71+1 – Horner aan Ricciardo: Daniel that was as blatant a move as we’ve ever seen. The event notes are very, very clear. I don’t think you’ve got anything to fear. It was a great effort that you’ve put in and it was a great move that should have made stick.

L71+1 – RBR aan Ricciardo: Ok Daniel, we’re driving straight around to the pit entry. I let you have a chat with Vettel when you get there.


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